Retail Stocktaking

Stocktaking aircraft can apply for any item, providing a clever tool for staff to quickly reconcile consumption and load no more than what is required for the rest of the day.

Where servicing aircraft, replacing or replenishing retail stock to a par level does not always balance the needs for customer satisfaction with efficiency. 

Attempts by airlines and suppliers to maintain satisfaction of service, and improve efficiencies have lead to longer service times in very tight turnaround windows.

Touchpoint customers asked for a better way to quickly load aircraft with the right level of stock for scheduled flying, while ensuring existing stock on the aircraft was not wasted. Utilising mobile devices, Touchpoint software allows caterers to accurately perform stocktaking of an aircraft, loading an additional amount to service the remaining flights until the next service.

Our Australian caterer client utilises a variety of software solutions to facilitate their client's airline operations. Business objectives require the caterer to ensure aircraft are adequately loaded to meet passenger demand, while maintaining minimal wastage costs. 

Combining a series of data feeds linking to the Touchpoint system, a mobile device app was developed to provide caterers with sales data, previous load information, and forecast demand requirements. Touchpoint software was used to calculate aircraft stocks, deducting from a forecast demand figure. The provided uplift figure is calculated quickly to save the caterer time.


  • POS integration, syncing sales from previous flights instantly

  • Instant stocktaking per product, comparing forecast requirements against sales on the aircraft

  • Inbound flight calculated against outbound requirement until next uplift

  • Manual overrides and quantity adjustments

  • Sign-off screens to confirm caterer and crew attendance


  • Improved customer satisfaction through product availability 
  • Reduced product wastage
  • Informed and engaged crew
  • Reconciliation visibility, load quantities and times
  • Visibility and transparency of user actions


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