Case in Point


Experienced where
it matters most.

Touchpoint has been a contributor to airline and airline suppliers across Asia Pacific for over 10 years. Creating software solutions to make a difference where it matters most, we've a history of helping industry leaders turn ideas into reality.

Our case studies provide some inspiration for how we can work with the inflight services industry now and in the future.



connected and informed

Using our customised mobile device software, airline suppliers confirm half a million orders daily from tarmacs and terminals in real-time using Lastmile.

Touchpoint is an industry visionary of the benefits in using mobile device software to create highly responsive and customer focused supply chains.

multi sector loading

Materially reduce your operating costs with automated uplift reduction logic. Our intelligent scheduling system applies custom airline logic and rules to load multiple sectors. Skip stations based on port congestion, supplier costs or time of day. 



retail stocktake each turn

It takes sophisticated and well designed technology to power an accurate and complete retail stocktake on each and every turn. Touchpoint does this daily.