Galley Manager 2.0
Designed for visual people.

Creating and sharing clear and accurate plans to a diverse audience of stakeholders requires a marriage of expert planning skills and process driven technology. Working closely with industry, Touchpoint has established a clear set of features to assist even the most visual of stakeholders to easily understand passenger aircraft and galley layouts. 


LOPA Navigation

Users can navigate large and complex aircraft layouts to understand the position of locations of interest to suppliers. With in-house graphic design capabilities, Touchpoint works with clients to create stunning LOPAs.


Avoid stowage layout confusion across your network with detailed user created two dimensional galley layouts. Drag and drop different stowage types into accurate airframes, with stowage labels and limits.


Never leave container layouts to chance. Touchpoint applies drag and drop technology to position drawers within containers, leaving no one in doubt as to how to pack each and every container in your plan.


System driven design thinking.

Our second generation version introduces a range of completely new design tools using the latest in web technology. Allowing users the freedom to work anywhere, plans can be designed and accessed anywhere in the world.. 


Our design department will work with you to ensure our aircraft selection is correct to your fleet. 


Engage with our designers to create stunningly accurate and detailed LOPAs to suit.


Forget blank boxes, our galley designer allows for branded carts, standard units and ovens to suit you. 


Do it yourself tools to allow anyone in your business to create aircraft layouts.


We're not just about pretty pictures. We built the right features to calculate and display vital weight and balance information. 


Touchpoint offers a range of configurable authorisation tools to drive quality assurance across the planning process.