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Galley Manager 2.0 dramatically improves airline galley planning efficiencies. With unparalleled features for automated version management and standardisation enforcement, 2.0 is the ultimate airline solution. Launching 1 December 2016, keep in touch for our full media release.



With features to create a fleet of aircraft and galleys, Touchpoint software provides a consistent platform to improve stakeholder understanding of fleet and galleys. 


standardised library

Create a library of authorised standard drawers, slides, trays and galley containers. Library items are coded, tracked and linked across aircraft galley plans.

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Create, copy and version galley plans with pre-built aircraft and authorised galley components. Our software enforces standardisation while maintaining speed.

Researched and Considered.

The second generation version has been built from three years of research and listening to industry problems. After eighteen months of development, the latest version is available to clients from 1 December 2016.

fast build

Click and drop galleys, stowages and drawers.

user controlled

User built galleys and interactive LOPAs.


Standardised component library of drawers and containers.


Automated airframe, galley and stowage weight checks.


Integrated to scheduled flying, transfer plans into component production requirements per station across network.


Rapid version creation, automated sub-versioning and dynamic future change management features. 


Comparison checking between versions for product totals, passenger allocations and weights.


System enforced authorisation checks for duplication and errors.


Touchpoint offers specialist planning software for airline and aviation industry companies, configured specifically to your organisation. 

Our commitment to your organisation begins from day one where we partner with your team to deliver market leading software to drive industry best practice to suit your unique needs.


The basic package gets your organisation up and running with galley planning software quickly. Features include the aircraft galley configuration tool, component library and plan building software. This makes it easy for planners to build standardised containers and drawers, as well as providing a standardised format for galley plans sent to third party suppliers.

The basic package is designed to help organisations successfully implement robust and efficient galley planning processes, underpinned by efficient software tools. Implementation includes a familiarisation session facilitated by an account manager, a customised project plan, and how-to documents and support via our support desk for quick, convenient help and support.


The standard package provides the tools to implement efficient galley planning processing. Additional features include access to the master component software, basic container conditionality, and automatic galley plan sub versioning.    

The standard package is available to customers with more complex operational requirements, and a focus on inventory utilisation. With the standard package, implementation and ongoing support are amplified via access to a designated account manager. Serving as both a primary contact and strategic partner, your account manager will focus on your organisation’s goals and develop both a customised implementation plan as well as a long-term plan for success. 


The premium package is our most popular and is designed to integrate galley planning software into organisational planning and forecasting processes. The premium package includes advanced schedule software, advanced container conditionality rules, and inventory forecasting software. 

With access to the full set of features and functionality offered by Touchpoint, developing a successful implementation strategy demands thoughtful planning and careful execution. The premium package provides access to a senior team including a designated account manager. On top of what is included in the standard package, premium package clients receive a package of personalised web-based training sessions, weekly status calls, and access to a development team member. 


Galley Manager 2.0 is a key part of the passenger
experience software offered by Touchpoint.



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