Galley Manager 2.0
Standardisation creating software.

Touchpoint has built Galley Manager 2.0 with standardisation at it's core. We understand supply chain efficiencies depend on the careful task of creating consistent galley drawers and containers to meet the complex demands of inflight service. Users of our new galley manager software benefit from system features to not only encourage standardisation, but prevent variances before they make it to a published plan.


piece by piece

Our users create each piece of the puzzle with duplication and variances checks the entire way. Create drawers, trays, slides and piece together to form standardise and identifiable containers. 

standardisation CHECKS

Each drawer and every container is checked for variances and duplicates before creation. With our software, we report your standardisation efforts before any items are allocated in a galley plan.

library versions

We understand the same container changes over time. Keep a chronological listing of all changes to your business bar cart, highlighting new drawers and small changes in equipment


System driven quality controls.

The second generation version introduces a range of exciting system features to manage quality across galley plans. With checks across the entire system, Touchpoint tech is helping drive improved quality controls each and every day. 


For each element created, rely on Touchpoint tech to check for duplicates and variances to other library items. 


 With a detailed view of all items and variances, managers can easily measure standardisation success and identify future opportunities.


With a sophisticated online library of all containers and their use across galley plans, Touchpoint provides a single source of truth. 


Touchpoint applies labels and categories to code each component for easy identification by all users.


Easily find components and drawers in use, pending use, or draft and subject to approval. 


Touchpoint offers a range of configurable authorisation tools to drive quality assurance across the planning process.